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CSI Staff is Walking Michigan!


CSI Staff is Walking Michigan!

By Jane Shaw

On June 14, 2010, some staff members from CSI’s Michigan office started a walking program called “Walk Michigan.” We have 19 employees participating which were divided into three teams. Each person was asked to obtain a pedometer and record the steps of their normal activity throughout the day. At the end of the week the steps are counted and converted to miles for each team. We decided that we would use a destination of Copper Harbor, Michigan; which is one of the most northern cities in the state as our ending goal of the program. Each team was assigned a simulated route to follow to reach Copper Harbor, the longest route being 862 miles. One team is to travel up the east coast of Michigan, another team is to travel the west coast of Michigan and the third team is taking I-75 up the middle of the state. Once all three teams “reach” Copper Harbor with their cumulative steps, we will have a potluck featuring foods from the state of Michigan.

At the end of the first two weeks, team two had walked 558 miles; team one walked 382 miles and team three walked 340 miles. So, team 1 is in Arcadia; team 2 is in McMillan and team 3 is in Kinross, Michigan.

We have already had a lot of fun with the walking program trying to determine where we are and what sites we would have encountered if we had actually walked to our destination. We plan to extend the program to walk to each CSI office in the regions. So, after Copper Harbor, we’ll be heading as one big group to Boston!

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