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Zeal Credit Union Membership category: Outreach

CSI Support & Development is a resident-member controlled organization that utilizes a cooperative management system and engages its resident membership in decision-making at every level of its operations. CSI was incorporated in 1945 as a mission-driven non-profit and exists solely to provide the highest quality, affordable housing communities possible for seniors. CSI has 61 properties with over 6500 units in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

CSI Support & Development (CSI) is proud to sponsor Zeal Credit Union, a financial institution that serves a diverse group of 60,000+ members in Michigan. The credit union was originally established as Co-op Services Credit Union in the 1950s, and later changed its name to Zeal Credit Union in 2014. By joining the CSI cooperative, individuals also gain the benefit of eligibility to join its financial cooperative, Zeal Credit Union.


Senior Housing Preservation - Detroit category: Outreach

SHP D is a coalition of organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the preservation of affordable senior living in Detroit. Known for advocacy, the members of SHP D have come together to increase awareness as to the displacement of Detroit seniors, ways to preserve senior housing and to communicate the need for action to protect Detroit’s seniors’ rights and health and wellbeing.

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communityCSI is proud to be recognized with the Communities of Quality Corporate Partner designation. The designation was created specifically to honor management companies that successfully maintain a significant portion of their properties to the high standards of the COQ National Recognition program Learn more

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