Benefits of Co-op Living


Great Quality Homes

Whether the co-op is brand new or 50 years old, CSI is committed to maintaining the highest possible quality living. Resident-members form committees to ensure the quality of their home. Whether it be regular maintenance or writing the annual budget, the members who live in CSI co-ops work hard to ensure their home is well maintained for members now and in the future.

Image of Co-op personal patio


CSI’s resident members write the annual budget for their co-op. They don’t ever have to wonder where the money goes, they have access to all financial information. By principle, all of CSI’s co-ops are not for profit. At the end of the year any extra bucket of money left in the budget stays with that co-op. In CSI’s co-ops the resident members decide how to utilize their surplus cash for the betterment of their co-op. Co-ops exist to benefit their members, not investors. The goal of CSI is to give our members the best place to live with affordable rents.

Democratic Control

In CSI’s co-ops, resident members actively participate in the decision process of managing their co-op. Members enjoy the equal rights of voting - one member, one vote.
The Board of Directors of CSI Support & Development is comprised of 13 elected resident members from the CSI family of co-ops across the country. The Board ensures that CSI never strays from our cooperative vision and principles and is the governing body of our entire organization.

Image of the executive board in a meeting

Co-op Way of Life

Control of the co-op is not limited to raising a hand in a meeting. Our members at CSI are intimately involved in the day-to-day operation of their homes. From hiring vendors to choosing the color of the walls, they are the decision making body. In traditionally managed senior buildings, residents only have two choices: take it or leave it! In CSI’s co-ops, resident members volunteer to form committees and elect a council, also comprised of volunteer members. This leads to healthier, happier lifestyles as members stay active physically, mentally and socially.

Social Opportunities

The social agenda is created and directed by the members. The social opportunities at the co-ops are only limited by the members’ imaginations. Each member in the co-op has the opportunity to create and participate in social activities that build relationships and nurture a cooperative community. If you can’t find what interests you, you can jump in and start it!

Safety & Security

At CSI Support & Development, the safety of members is the number one priority. Each co-op routinely reviews house rules in the interest of promoting member safety. Also, CSI is committed to ongoing assessment of fire safety, cameras and controlled entry systems.


Because of the belief that all people are equal, co-ops have open membership without discrimination. CSI Support & Development and its membership respect political, social, racial and religious differences. CSI embraces the diversity of our members and treats all members with respect. CSI encourages members to recognize the value of their diverse communities. By being consistent in our standards, policies, and in the treatment of our members, CSI promotes fairness and equality.

Continuing Education

CSI offers ample education programs where our members can learn new skills, hone existing skills and expand their personal horizons. CSI staff provides professional support at every level in order to help members effectively manage the day-to-day operations of their home. We constantly evaluate our continuing education programs to make sure we are meeting our members’ educational needs. In addition, all co-ops are supported by members of sister co-ops, both locally and nationally.

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