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Our Mission


The Mission of CSI Support & Development

Using cooperative principles, CSI develops and manages exceptional, affordable rental communities where seniors enjoy opportunities to thrive.

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Core Values of Our Company

  • We always work together to help each other.
  • We always strive to work as a team and we value collaboration.
  • We understand that cooperation always relies on strong communication.
  • We always seek to make connections and build relationships with each other to grow the spirit of cooperation.
  • We always value the experiences and strengths of our members and staff and we understand that education is constant and collaborative between our members and co-workers.
  • We always strive to inspire, challenge, and support everyone through continual education.
  • We always seek to find new ways to make training successful and engaging.
  • We always provide life-changing educational opportunities to give our members the knowledge to govern their co-ops and be successful in their roles.
  • We always provide tools for our members and staff to develop skills and knowledge for themselves and for our organization.
  • We always manage our organization with the goal of maintaining the highest standards.
  • We always strive to innovate to improve quality and efficiency.
  • We always provide reliable, timely, consistent quality customer service to all.
  • We always stay aware of community emergencies and respond appropriately.
  • We always strive to communicate effectively for a successful relationship between departments, regions, co-ops, members, and staff.
  • We always promote work-life balance which helps achieve physical, mental, and social well-being for our staff and for our volunteers.
  • We always foster an atmosphere of open communication, teamwork, and trust.
  • We are always truthful.
  • We are CSI ambassadors and we always represent ourselves as such.
  • We know that leadership sets the tone and always strive to set a positive example for others.
  • We always strive to be dependable and supportive.
  • We always inspire and seek to build each other up.
  • We always act with the highest level of ethics.
  • We are always accountable through our words and actions.
  • We always embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at every level. We always work to sustain a culture in which everyone is welcomed, respected, supported, and valued.
  • We always promote fairness and equality through consistent application of standards and policies.
  • We always demonstrate compassion.
  • We always maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality.
  • We always communicate in a respectful manner towards all. We always put into practice our motto "People Working Together to Help Each Other".
  • We always act in the best interest of CSI and our co-ops.
  • We always seek to inspire, recognize, and celebrate our volunteers’ dedication and impact on our mission no matter what our role is in the organization. We understand this helps build "People Working Together to Help Each Other" into a way of life.
  • We always provide volunteer opportunities with the goal of offering members purpose and value in their communities.
  • We always understand the physical, mental, and social benefits that volunteerism offers.
  • We always keep in mind a spirit of service.

Vision Statement

To preserve and grow our cooperative senior housing communities, helping members lead full, healthy, social lives.

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communityCSI is proud to be recognized with the Communities of Quality Corporate Partner designation. The designation was created specifically to honor management companies that successfully maintain a significant portion of their properties to the high standards of the COQ National Recognition program Learn more

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