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LaBelle Towers Co-op Receives Cooperative Star Award


Congratulation to LaBelle Towers Co-op for receiving the Cooperative Star Award from the National Association of Housing Cooperatives! The members at Labelle Towers Co-op volunteer often and with over 50 volunteers, each typically wear many different hats. The volunteers on the leasing committee played a large part in helping the vacancies from 60 to 0! They help give tours, hold open houses, schedule and conduct interviews, sign leases, and perform inspections. Due to this amazing accomplishment, NAHC recognizes them as the Cooperative Star of the year. This award is given to a co-op that displays sound leadership, management, and creates a particular value for its members. LaBelle Towers has demonstrated that it has systems in place to assure prudent preservation of its members’ interests, and it honors the basic principles of cooperative housing, certifies that systems are in place to provide safe, sound and valuable housing and to protect the interests of their members.

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